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With over 25 years of agricultural contracting to our name, here at Riverlea Contractors we know that our biggest asset isn’t our top class, modern machinery, it’s our team. We are proud to have a team of loyal, dedicated and experienced employees working for the Riverlea name.

Mike Silson Mike Silson

Mike Silson

Charlie Silson Charlie Silson

Claire 'Charlie' Silson

John Silson John Silson - Director

John Silson

Betty Silson Betty Silson - Shareholder

Betty Silson

Tony Gillbanks Tony Gillbanks - Operations Manager

Tony Gillbanks

Robyn Bellve Robyn Bellve

Robyn 'Aud' Bellve

Jason Chesswas Jason Chesswas

Jason Chesswas

Logan Hartley Logan Hartley

Logan Hartley

Ben Green Ben Green

Ben Green

Joel Perrett Joel Perrett

Joel Perrett

Jamie Hodge Jamie Hodge

Jamie Hodge

Jack O Shea Jack O Shea

Jack O Shea

Neil Robinson Neil Robsinson

Neil Robinson

Stephen O Brien Stephen O Brien

Stephen O Brien

Liam Devaney Liam Devaney

Liam Devaney

Cian Daly Cian Daly

Cian Daly

David Hamilton David Hamilton

David Hamilton

Eoin Duffy Eoin Duffy

Eoin Duffy

Shane O'Beirne Shane O'Beirne

Shane O'Beirne

Abbey Silson Abbey Silson

Abbey Silson

Stella Stella


Ed Ed


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