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We offer a comprehensive range of soil preparation and maize seeding services to make sure that your maize is sown into the ideal seedbed and is planted with accuracy to ensure that you get the best out of your crop. For more information on these services please click the image below.

Maize Precision Planter
Seeding & Planting Label
Power Harrow


Our two Claas Jaguar self-propelled harvesters, a Jaguar 950 and Jaguar 940 are able to harvest maize efficiently and effectively. The 940 is equipped with a RU 450 front which is able to harvest up to 6 rows at once, while the 950’s Orbis 600 front harvests 8 rows at a time. The different header widths means that we are able to harvest in smaller and larger paddocks, using the harvester best suited for the job. Both harvesters are equipped with inoculant application systems for both granular and liquid inoculants, making inoculant application simple.

The harvesters are able to vary their cut length, enabling them to have a cut length to suit both the customer and the crop’s conditions. This paired with a variable kernel cracker which ensures complete cracking of each kernel to sufficiently release the high energy potential of the crop, means that our harvesters combined with excellent pit compaction from our pit man, make for a great, high energy crop of maize.

Harvesting Maize
Harvesting Maize
Harvesting Maize


For cartage on farm and smaller road carts we run our tractors with bin trailers. We also operate three truck and trailer units as an excellent option for longer, on road carts. All of our truck and trailer units are equipped with tarps to efficiently negate any crop loss during carting.

Bin Trailers & Trucks Carting Maize
Bin Trailers & Trucks Carting Maize
Bin Trailers & Trucks Carting Maize


Here at Riverlea we pride ourselves on a good pit. We know that for a quality silage crop, proper silage compaction is crucial. We operate three 11-13 tonne pit tractors all of which are fitted with weight packs and equipped with buckrakes. The buckrakes carry and spread the crop, creating an even layer across the pit, allowing for better compaction and a better product.

Maize Pit Compaction
Maize Pit Compaction
Maize Pit Compaction


Both choppers are equipped with inoculant application systems and we are able to offer a wide range of inoculants to suit your needs.

If you’d like to weigh your silage, please check out our portable weighbridge services by clicking the image below.

We are also able to provide bulk roll covers for the covering of your pit. Our covers come in widths of 12m and 15m and are cut to length to fit your pit.

Bulk Roll Covers
Portable Weighbridge Label
Portable Weighbridge

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